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Evolution Powersports is proud to introduce our race proven “Sandblaster” Big Turbo upgrade for the 2017+ Can Am X3 Turbo. Once we extracted the most usable power from the stock turbocharger, we began looking at other turbo options to get more power from the Can Am 900cc 3-cylinder engine. The OEM turbocharger is limited by compressor size and bearing durability and has a maximum sustained boost pressure of 18.5 lbs. at sea level. Our solution was to engineer a custom CHRA with a 5mm larger compressor and higher flowing turbine which is capable of big boost while remaining durable and fit within the OEM header/exhaust housing. This would allow customers to reuse their aftermarket exhausts and keep the cost of the turbo upgrade in check. The results of this upgrade have been outstanding – 26+ lbs. of boost and over 193 whp (240 Engine hp) on 110 Octane and 204 whp (250 Engine hp) on E85! Not only has the combination been dyno & field tested, but raced. It has also been field tested at high elevation in the mountains of Colorado and St Anthony, ID. The OEM Map sensors are replaced with 3 bar sensors so that the boost and fueling can be accurately controlled at high boost pressures. The driveablity of this kit is stock like and there is tuning available for both 110 Octane, E85 and Ignite Red fuels. A pump gas tune is coming soon. This kit will require the ECU be sent in for programming initially with Maptuner availability in the future.

Stage 6 “Sandblaster” features:

- Absolutely the easiest turbo upgrade you will ever do – installation takes less than 2 hours and there is no need to remove the stock header!
- (2) direct replacement 3 bar map sensors with plug n play harness
- 100% Evolution Powersports ECU tuned – no piggybacks or extra injectors
- New turbocharger CHRA, wastegate actuator and compressor cover, oil supply hose and fittings.
- Larger fuel pump
- Detailed instructions
- Black powder coated compressor cover (other colors available (3 week lead time on custom colors))

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